Language documentation

My language documentation work focuses on Yolmo and Syuba (formerly known as Kagate), both endangered Tibeto-Burman languages spoken in Nepal. For a list of my academic publications on these languages see the publications and presentations pages of this website. On this page you can find links to the archives of materials I have created.


Collection management

As well as archiving my own materials, I also manage or curate a number of other digital collections:

  • Melamchi Yolmo Anne Marie Hari collection of Melamchi Yolmo recordings digitised and archived at PARADISEC
  • Langtang Rebekha Slade and Radka Kvicalova’s collection of Langtang recordings archived at PARADISEC


Below is a map of the major documented varieties of Yolmo. Zoom in on the Lamjung Yolmo and Kagate regions to see more detail.