Language Documentation

My language documentation work focuses on Yolmo and Syuba (formerly known as Kagate), both endangered Tibeto-Burman languages spoken in Nepal. For a list of my academic publications on these languages see the publications and presentations pages of this website. On this page you can find links to the archives of materials I have created.


Collection management

As well as archiving my own materials, I also manage or curate a number of other digital collections:

  • Melamchi Yolmo (AH1) Anne Marie Hari collection of Melamchi Yolmo recordings from the 1970s and 1980s digitised and archived at PARADISEC.
  • Langtang (LAN1) Rebekha Slade and Radka Kvicalova’s collection of Langtang recordings. Includes oral annotations and translations. Archived at PARADISEC.
  • Syuba (MH1) Monika Höhlig’s reel-to-reel tapes and cassettes of Syuba from the 1970s. Includes slide photographs, and some written materials. Digitised and archived at PARADISEC.
  • Syuba (MTC1) Collection of recordings made by the Mother Tongue Centre of Nepal. Includes some written annotations and BOLD oral annotations Archived at PARADISEC.

Documentation used for other outputs

My documentation materials have been used for a number of other outputs, including:

  • 2017 Chouette Films & L.  Gawne. Syuba: Earthquakes. [online]
  • 2017 Chouette Films & L. Gawne. Syuba: Bees. [online]
  • 2017 Ng Xiao Yan (illustrations), L. Gawne & J.M. Kelly (Eds). Stories and Songs from Kagate. [online]
  • 2017 Jolene Tan (illustrations), L. Gawne & J.M. Kelly (Eds). Jackal and Pheasant. [online]
  • 2015 Bi Jingying (illustrations), L. Gawne & J.M. Kelly (Eds). Yolmo: Art of basket weaving. [online]
  • 2015 Xinling Wang (Shirley) & He Meijie (design), L. Gawne & J.M. Kelly (Eds). Lamjung Yolmo (online dictionary and game). [online portal]
  • 2011 Gawne, L. Lamjung Yolmo – Nepali – English Dictionary. Melbourne, Custom Book Centre, The University of Melbourne. [PDF]


Below is a map of the major documented varieties of Yolmo. Zoom in on the Lamjung Yolmo and Kagate regions to see more detail.