Language Construction

Alongside my work on languages in the real world, I also enjoy constructing unique languages. You can find some of this work featured in commercial published fiction. If you would like to add a unique language to your book, film or game, contact me for a list of packages.

Media about Language Construction

Below are some places in the media I’ve discussed my conlang work:

Aramteskan (Shadowscent)

A language for a world where scent is central to daily life. This language was created for the lush, sweeping  world of P.M. Freestone’s SHADOWSCENT young adult duology (Scholastic in 2019 and 2020).

Some relevant media posts:ShadowscentDarkestBloomFINAL.jpg

Authors for Fireys

In January 2020 I participated in the Authors for Fireys fundraiser by auctioning a custom conlang creation. The auction was won by L.J. Charleston and together we developed the Tórian language for her YA Fantasy WIP.

Geograms (64 Ways of Being)

I created the linguistic structure for the geograms used in the location-based augmented reality game 64 Ways of Being, made in Melbourne.