As well as hosting the Lingthusiasm podcast and running the Superlinguo blog, I have published in a range of print and digital media. I can be contacted for media comment here.

Print media

By Lingo is a regular column in The Big Issue (Australia), in which I look at the unusual stories of common words. You can read a couple of examples on The Big Issue blog. I also occasionally writes longer format pieces for The Big Issue including The Worth of Words, about the Kagate dictionary project in edition #480 (March 2015).

I have also written for Babel Magazine, Trip Magazine, The Age, and Farrago.

Digital media

Data visualisation

I use my language mapping skills in outreach as well as research. In 2015 Linguistics Roadshow created a short online survey on Australian regional variation, as part of their schools outreach program. I created a map visualisation of the data, using CARTO. In the week it was launched the survey was picked up in The Age, The Guardian, BuzzFeed, and The ABC. Over 20,000 people participated in the survey, and maps like the one below have been viewed over 480,000 times. You can see all the results and maps here. Thanks to Rosey Billington and the Roadshow crew for the opportunity to work on this project. [In 2016 I was a CARTO ambassador].